A few reasons to buy local food!
Food grown locally is fresher, more nutritious and tastes better. 
  • Most produce travels an average of 1500 miles before it lands on your plate.
  • Local vegetables and fruit are bred for flavor, not for their ability to hold up in transit.
  • Buying local food is better for community. When you purchase local food you are keeping your money circulating in your community and also maintaining green space & rural character by sustaining family farms. 
  • Small and mid-size farms generally use sustainable agricultural practices safeguarding the quality of our water and soil. Consider how much fuel it takes to truck produce and goods from another country to Arkansas as well as the pollution emitted in the process!
  • When you buy locally you're providing small farmers with a stable market and fair price for their products. 
  • Buying from local food sources provides personal security in having access to food you trust and security for your community in helping it become more sustainable.
                                        Buy Local!!  
                               Support your local farmers.
Be a NIFTY kid!!! 

Join our new children's program at the market.  NIFTY (Nutritional Information & Fitness for Today's Youth) kids will learn about the farmers' market,  gardening, 
good nutrition, and staying active.  
Our children's program will have activities one Saturday each month and 
every Saturday morning in July.  
Activities may include:  
Story time, arts & crafts, relay races, scavenger hunts, gardening classes, tasting parties, music,
farm animal visits, and so much more!!  
Each activity will introduce good nutrition, ways to stay active, and promote a healthy lifestyle.  

Our NIFTY kids will also enjoy our Watermelon Festival in August and Fall Festival in October.  

There is no age requirements, and it is completely free!  

               Come join us and be                                        a NIFTY kid!!
Special Events & Fundraisers
If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.  

Ella Ellingson 865-207-7883
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